Keeping US-Mexico Relations Strong:

What it means for US jobs & security

Why Mexico: Separating Fact from Fiction

Strong US-Mexico ties—a growing reality over the last 25 years—are now at risk. Returning to the days of mistrust and minimal cooperation will endanger US jobs and make our border less secure. Pulling back the diplomatic, intelligence, narcotics, security and immigration cooperation that expanded over nearly three decades would have very negative consequences for the United States.

Mexico is an indispensable ally. Its efforts in drug interdiction, its votes with the US at the UN, and its anti-terrorist cooperation are invaluable. Intelligence sharing between our respective security agencies has neutralized many threats before reaching our border. And at the United States urging, Mexico successfully stops thousands of Central American migrants on its southern Guatemalan border who are headed to the United States.

Without trade between the United States and Mexico, nearly 5 million Americans would be out of work. Mexico is the first or second trading partner of 29 US states; communities would be threatened by an unnecessary rupture with Mexico. Recognizing how crucial US-Mexico relations are to the United States, the Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center launched the #WhyMexico initiative, a broad effort that includes events and social media campaigns.

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What Mexico Means for the United States

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